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The NDIA describe Support Coordination as;

“a capacity building support to implement all supports in a participant’s plan, including informal, mainstream, community and funded supports. Support coordinators work creatively and resourcefully with participants in how they utilise their support budgets to achieve their goals”

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We'll help you to connect you to the support services and products you need to achieve the goals of your plan.
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The three levels of Support Coordination

Integra can assist you with three levels of support coordination, providing as much or as little assistance as you need. Your Planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) will consider your circumstances and fund the most appropriate level of Support Coordination.

 Support Connection

Assistance to strengthen participant’s abilities to coordinate supports & participate in the community. This includes resolving points of crisis, developing capacity & resilience in a participant's network & coordinating supports from a range of sources.

Integra help you upfront by helping you find the right providers to meet your needs.

Support Coordination

Further qualifications/experience required to strengthen a higher needs participant’s ability to coordinate their supports & participate in the community. This may include resolving points of crisis & developing resilience in the participant's network.

We can also go a step further to coordinate your range of supports, both funded and mainstream.

Specialist Support Coordination

Time limited support coordination, within specialist framework necessitated by high risks in participant's situation, to address barriers and reduce complexity in environment, assisting to connect with supports, build capacity and resilience.

We offer specialist support such as resolving points of crisis, parenting training and helping you integrate into your network or community.

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