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NDIS Plan Management Tasmania

Expert Plan Management that gives you more control and better outcomes. Experience an NDIS journey done right.

Focused on the people behind the plan

Tackling NDIS funding in Tasmania doesn't have to be hard. Our goal is to help you achieve your fullest potential with the right support. We do this by putting people first.

When the system works with NDIS participants>/a> at its heart, everyone benefits. Our expert NDIS plan managers take the time and effort to really understand you, and your unique goals. We'll help you manage your NDIS budget in the best way for you, get more out of your funding, and enjoy more autonomy in your NDIS journey. Experience more freedom, open access to information, and better outcomes.

  • Local Tasmania Plan Management support
  • Real-time NDIS funds tracking
  • Advice on using you budget to achieve your goals
  • Process support invoices accurately
  • Pay your supports quickly
  • Strategies to maximise your NDIS funding
  • As much help as you want, tailored to you
  • Long service hours across Tasmania
  • Easy access to a MyIntegra support coordinator

Stress less with proactive Plan Management support

Leave NDIS management worries behind with the best support you can get. Our team works hard to provide personalised service and guidance on using your NDIS budget to hit your goals. Meet NDIS guidelines, accurately pay provider invoices and reduce your admin stresses. Best of all, there are no plan management fees - it's part of your NDIS funding!

MyIntegra NDIS portal

Dedicated Plan Management brought online. Our user-friendly portal gives you access to your plan, visibility of your spending, and invoice status 24/7.

get plan management in TAS

NDIS registered Plan Management providers

Ease your NDIS journey with MyIntegra

Our core NDIS
Plan Management services

We handle all financial aspects of managing your NDIS funding, including:

  • Allocating the budget in line with your unique needs
  • Accurately processing provider invoices
  • Paying service invoices with quick turnaround
  • Helping create easy approvals on supports' invoices
  • Budget tracking in real-time

Going above and beyond

Our goal is to help you achieve more with your NDIS budget by:

  • Creating a system of knowledge-sharing to empower
  • Creating a system of knowledge-sharing to empower
  • Alerting you if funding is at risk of running out
  • Review your goals regularly against your current budget
  • Suggesting areas where more spending could lead to better outcomes
  • Connecting you to trusted Tasmania support coordinators

Frequently asked questions

What is Plan Management in Tasmania?

An NDIS plan manager works to reduce the financial admin burden of handling NDIS funding. From paying NDIS invoices to advice on getting more out of funds, our plan managers navigate the sometimes stressful tasks of properly using NDIS funds.

How do I get Plan Management in Tasmania?

If Plan Management is not covered by your Tasmania NDIS plan, you will need to apply for it with your LAC or NDIS staff. This is so you can get it funded, and avoid any out-of-pocket plan management fees. Our Request for Plan Management Letter provides guidance on making your case for a plan manager.

Can I switch to MyIntegra for Plan Management in Tasmania?

You can switch to MyIntegra from your current plan manager at any point in your NDIS journey. The main goal is to make sure you enjoy a personal experience that suits you, with a provider that can help achieve your goals. To get started with us, simply call our customer service team and inform them of your decision.

How can I better use NDIS funds in Tasmania?

NDIS funds can be used to fund a range of supports. The main challenge is ensuring your use your budget to meet your needs. You'll also need to stay on top of provider invoices so your services aren't disrupted.

That's where a plan manager comes in. We'll help you with the day-to-day financial aspects of your NDIS plan, freeing you up to live your best life. Our expert advice will also you get more out of the funds to achieve your goals.

How does MyIntegra Plan Management work in Tasmania?

To get started with our dedicated team of Tasmania plan managers, simply:

  • Register online or over the phone
  • Sign a service agreement to make it official
  • Set up a profile with the MyIntegra Portal
  • Register your current supports through the portal
  • Advise your service providers on sending invoices online
  • Decide if you would like to provide a standing approval for invoices or manually review them
  • Start living life better, with more freedom and control!
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