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NDIS Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination with MyIntegra helps to connect you
to the right local services to meet your goals.

Support centred around you

Our Australia-wide network of Specialist Support Coordinators use their expertise and knowledge to connect you with the right local services to help you achieve your goals and live a better life.
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NDIS plan management find the right services

Find the right local services

Managing an NDIS plan can be complex. That's why the support of a MyIntegra NDIS Specialist Support Coordinator is such a game-changer. We’ll take the time to get to know you, help you understand and maximise your plan, connect you with quality providers that meet your needs and work together through any challenges you face. If Support Coordination is funded in your plan, you can get started straight away.

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Getting started with
Support Coordination

When you start with our NDIS Specialist Support Coordination team, we'll:

  • Work closely with you to understand your plan
  • Break down your goals and specific needs in detail
  • Map out your NDIS journey
  • Guide you in selecting localised supports
  • Negotiate service agreements between you and your providers
  • Review your support services to make sure they are working well
Ongoing Specialist
Support Coordination

As your partner for the long term, we'll provide ongoing support in:

  • Helping you exercise choice and control
  • Building your capacity to manage your plan independently
  • Helping you with using the NDIS portal
  • Working with your plan manager to monitor your funds
  • Planning and preparing for your plan reviews
  • Resolving any complex issues with your supports
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Helping you live the life you want

We’re here to make things easier. Our NDIS Plan Management service can work with your support coordinator to help take care of the paperwork, pay invoices on time, and give practical advice and assistance to ensure your NDIS plan works best for you.

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Frequently asked questions
What is Support Coordination?

NDIS Support Coordination is a service offered under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia. It is designed to assist individuals with disabilities to implement their NDIS plans to achieve their goals and maximise their plan's benefits.

Support Coordination involves working closely with a Support Coordinator, who can provide guidance, information, and practical assistance to you. The main objective of NDIS Support Coordination is to help you understand your NDIS plan, connect with appropriate service providers, and coordinate supports and services to ensure that your individual needs and goals are met.

What are the three levels of Support Coordination

The NDIS recognises three levels of Support Coordination to assist participants in implementing their NDIS plans and achieving their goals. These levels are designed to cater to different needs and complexities. The three levels of Support Coordination are:

  • Level 1 Support connection: This low level of support builds your ability to connect with informal and funded supports.
  • Level 2 Coordination of supports:This medium level of support assists you to build the skills you need to understand, implement, and use your plan.
  • Level 3 Specialist support coordination: This is a higher level of support may be funded for people whose situations are more complex and who need specialist support.
How do I get Support Coordination in my NDIS plan?

If you don't already have funding set aside for an NDIS Support Coordinator, you'll need to explain to the NDIS why you need one. Some key reasons could be that you're going through a major life change, you don't have a support network that can help, or this is your first NDIS plan.

There are three levels of NDIS Support Coordination available, which you will discuss at the initial planning meeting. Your local area coordinator (LAC) will help determine what you're eligible for.

If you already have Support Coordination included you’ll find one of these codes in your NDIS plan:

  • Level 1: Support connection 07_001_0106_8_3
  • Level 2: Coordination of supports 07_002_0106_8_3
  • Level 3: Specialist support coordination 07_004_0132_8_3
How do I switch to MyIntegra Support Coordination?

Not all Support Coordinators are the same and you have your individual needs. You should find a Support Coordinator that suits your goals, depending on what’s most important to you.
As an NDIS participant, you can switch Support Coordinators at any point in your NDIS plan. If your current Support Coordinator isn't meeting your expectations, you might want to make a change.

MyIntegra makes switching easy, so there are no gaps in your support. Simply contact our team on 1300 937 187 to let us know you want to make the switch. We'll then contact your current NDIS Support Coordinator to arrange the transition, and ensure no disruptions to your service. We'll also contact all your service providers to let them know we are now your Support Coordination contact.

Do I need to tell the NDIS or my Local Area Coordinator (LAC) if I change support coordinators?

If you’ve used a Support Coordinator in your current plan, then you already have funding for Support Coordination. You don’t need to contact the NDIS or your LAC, as there’s nothing they need to update or amend. It’s as simple as choosing the NDIS Support Coordination provider that you want to use.

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