Invoicing for NDIS services

With MyIntegra Plan Management you can easily manage and pay your NDIS service providers' invoices.
Invoicing Made Simple

Invoicing for NDIS services made easy

To get invoices paid quicker, send our NDIS invoice template to your providers to make sure all the required information is covered.

Providers can even submit multiple invoices at a time using our bulk file upload template and uploading to the MyIntegra Portal.

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Review and approve
invoices with ease

You can provide standing approval to pay invoices or review and approve or reject invoices yourself. We’ll notify you when a provider submits an invoice that requires your approval. You can login to the MyIntegra Portal to take action or contact us directly.

Paying invoices with
your NDIS funds

After an invoice is successfully submitted and approved by you, we’ll bill the NDIA on the next business day. Once approved by the NDIA we’ll pay the provider the following day.

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