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NDIS Plan Management

With the right plan manager by your side, your NDIS journey gets a whole lot easier.
Let us handle the time-consuming tasks so you don't have to.
At MyIntegra we want to make things easier. Our Plan Management service can take care of the paperwork, pay invoices on time and guide you to get the most out of your NDIS plan.
NDIS plan manager
Need plan management for your NDIS plan?

MyIntegra seeks to make managing your NDIS plan and budget easy, freeing up your time to get the most out of life. Sign up with MyIntegra and take control of your NDIS journey today.

With our Plan Management service, you’ll enjoy:

team support
Personalised support
Receive assistance from real people, right here in Australia, with extended customer service hours (9am – 8pm AET), to make it easier to reach us.
rapid invoice processing
Fast and accurate invoice processing usually in one business day, with payments typically made one business day after we receive funds from the NDIA.
budget visibility
Enjoy 24/7 access to our online portal allowing you to monitor your budget and spending.
Reserve NDIS funds
Peace of mind
Reserve funds for your preferred providers, ensuring availability when needed, providing a sense of security.
choice and control
Choice and control
Have more control over the providers you choose to use and how you approve your invoices.
expert advice
Expert Advice
Access knowledgeable guidance from our experienced team about maximising your funds to access the supports you need and get the most out of your plan.
Why choose MyIntegra

At MyIntegra we seek to put you in control and give you the flexibility you need to get the most out of your plan. You make the decisions; we’ll handle the rest.

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High Customer Satisfaction

Our ongoing commitment to excellence delivers consistently positive experiences for our clients. Join the ranks of those who enthusiastically recommend MyIntegra Plan Management and are extremely satisfied with our services. View testimonials.

ADSCA finalist 2023 outstanding plan manager

Service Excellence

Recognised as a Most Outstanding Plan Manager Finalist at the 2023 Australian Disability Service Conference and Awards, MyIntegra provides exceptional customer service. Our commitment drives us to support you in getting the maximum benefit from your funding and sets us apart as a trusted choice for plan management.

NDIS plan management find the right services

Rapid invoice processing

Experience the speed of MyIntegra! For eligible invoices our streamlined process ensures preparation for NDIA processing in as little as 70 minutes. Provided there are no issues, approved invoices are usually processed in one business day, with payments typically made one business day after we receive funds from the NDIA.

NDIS Plan Manager

Expert NDIS guidance

Navigating the NDIS is made easy with our friendly team of experts offering invaluable insights into plan management. With extended service hours (9am-8pm EST), we're here to support you nationwide, helping you get the assistance you need when you need it.

At anytime, on any device you can monitor your budget

Better budget clarity and control

Take charge of your NDIS budget with the MyIntegra Portal. At anytime, on any device you can monitor your budget, check the status of any invoice, and reserve funds for preferred providers with ease. The portal gives you simple and convenient access to your NDIS budget. Plus, we’ll help you understand how you are using your funds to try and reduce your risk of over or under spending.

Real experiences, real people
How Plan Management works

Figuring out your NDIS plan doesn’t have to be difficult. MyIntegra Plan Management can provide a simple way to pay your invoices on time and focus on getting the most out of your budget. Here’s what you can expect when you choose MyIntegra as your plan manager.

NDIS Funds Management

Let us do the admin. We’ll support you to:

  • Claim in line with the price guide.
  • Pay service providers quickly.
  • Process expenses accurately.
  • Reserve funds to set aside budget for preferred providers.
  • View detailed monthly statements.
  • Control how you approve invoices with options for standing or manual approvals.
NDIS Plan Utilisation

We want you get the most from your plan and will help you with:

  • A clear overview of your spending and funds remaining.
  • Notifications when your funds are running out.
  • Help to identify areas where you are at risk over or under spending.
  • Choice and control over the providers you need.
  • Advice on maximising the funds in your plan to achieve your goals.
Best NDIS plan manager
Sign up with MyIntegra Plan Management

If your NDIS plan already includes Plan Management or “Improved Life Choices”, you’re ready to go. Contact us today to get started.

For those with a self or agency-managed NDIS plan, we recommend you contact your LAC and request a plan variation to add plan management to your plan and request funding for it.

The great news is that when plan management is part of your NDIS plan, it comes with separate funding, so there is no cost to you. Importantly, it also won’t impact the support you receive from other services.

MyIntegra Portal
Frequently asked questions
How do I get Plan Management?

You can ask for NDIS Plan Management at your initial planning or review meeting, by advising the planner or local area coordinator (LAC) of your choice. You can even use our 'Request for Plan Management Letter' to help make it easier. If you already have an NDIS plan that is self managed or agency managed you can request a "Light Touch Review" by calling the NDIS on 1800 800 110 or your LAC and asking to have Plan Management included and funded in your plan.

How can I switch to MyIntegra Plan Management?

If you already have a plan manager and want to make the switch to MyIntegra Plan Management you can sign up online now or contact us on 1800 696 347. We’ll assist you in contacting your current plan manager to arrange the transition and ensure there are no disruptions to the payments of your supports. All we'll need is the name of your current plan management company.

How can I use my NDIS funds?

NDIS funding covers many things, including disability support needs, living arrangements, informal supports (carers and family) and more. However, knowing what is relevant to you can be confusing. That's where our Plan Management team can help.

We'll help you make better use of your funding by finding the right supports, helping reserve your budget for preferred service providers, and taking the hassle out of managing your plan so you can focus on living your best life.

How much does Plan Management cost me?

When Plan Management or 'improved life choices' is included in your NDIS plan, you can access MyIntegra plan management services with no cost to you. Its funded separately and doesn't take away money from your other supports.

How does MyIntegra Plan Management work?

With the right plan manger by your side, Your NDIS journey gets a whole lot easier. Here's how it works:

  • Sign up easily online or call our customer service team on 1800 696 347
  • Sign our service agreement which outlines how we'll work together
  • We’ll set you up with access to our online portal
  • Register your providers with us and we’ll let them know how to submit invoices
  • Reserve funds for your preferred providers
  • Once you approve an invoice we’ll bill the NDIA and then pay your provider
  • Stay on top of your budget anytime with ease

You can read more about how we work as your plan manager here.

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