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How we work as your plan manager

Aug.03.2023 MyIntegra Updates

A step-by-step guide on getting started with MyIntegra plan management

Not sure how to get started with plan management or want to know what happens next? Let us step you through the process of signing up and working with MyIntegra, so you can get control of your NDIS plan today.

1. Sign up

Signing up with MyIntegra to manage your NDIS funds is easy. You can either complete our online sign-up form or call our friendly Customer Service team to help you through the process.

When you sign up for plan management, it’s a good idea to have your NDIS plan handy, and if required, your nominee details. We will also ask you to agree to our Service Agreement.

There is no cost to you if you have plan management in your NDIS plan.

Sign up now

2. Service Agreement

We will send you a copy of the Service Agreement for you to review and agree to. This document talks about how we will work together.

If you need any help understanding the information in the Service Agreement, please get in touch with our Customer Service team who will be happy to answer your questions.

Download: Plan Management Service Agreement

3. Get yourself set up

Once you sign up and accept the Service Agreement, you can use our portal here you can start managing your budget. MyIntegra’s portal provides you with the tools to easily manage your plan and your supports.

We are continuously improving our portal so that providers can save time, streamline processes, and get paid quicker.


We are continuously improving our portal so that providers can save time, streamline processes, and get paid quicker. Here are some of the self-service features our provider portal currently has:

  • Monitor your budget
  • Track your spending
  • View and approve or reject invoices
  • View agreed upon hours and rates of provider support
  • Update your contact details

4. Get your plan budget and providers set up

Providers need to be registered with us to be paid. Your providers should contact us, or you can give us their business name and contact details, so we can reach out to them.

Once they are set up, we will send your providers information about how we can set up service bookings based on the Schedule of Supports you have agreed with them and how to send us invoices.

Learn about reserving funds for you providers

Download: Schedule of Supports

5. Sending invoices

For the fastest payment times, your provider can submit invoices directly through the MyIntegra portal. Alternatively, invoices can be emailed to [email protected]. Enquiries should go to [email protected]

Your provider should make sure to include the following information on invoices you send us:

  • Business name and ABN
  • Business address
  • Billing contact details – name, phone number and email address
  • A unique invoice number
  • Participant name
  • Support start and end date
  • Service date
  • Details of the support provided or the NDIS code
  • Bank details for payment

Or they can download our handy invoice template:

Download: Single invoice template

Download: Bulk invoice upload template

6. Invoice approval

Automatic approval (standing approval)

We will approve invoices automatically on your behalf as soon as they are successfully submitted to the MyIntegra portal– we call this ‘standing approval’.  You can choose to opt-out of standing approval on an individual provider basis, so you can review and approve or reject their invoices yourself.

Review for approval

If you’ve opted out of standing approval, we will notify you when a provider submits an invoice that requires your approval. You can either approve or reject the invoice by logging into the MyIntegra portal, or by contacting us. We’ll give you 3 business days to review the invoice and either approve or reject it. If you don’t take any action, we will automatically approve the invoice on your behalf.


After an invoice is successfully submitted and approved by you, we will bill the NDIA on the next business day. Once approved by the NDIA, we will pay your provider the following business day.


MyIntegra uses and applies service descriptions and pricing structures set out in the published NDIS Price Guide. This means where the NDIS Price Guide specifies maximum pricing, we will only ever pay up to that maximum rate for any service provided to you by a Provider.

7. Stay on top of your budget

If you would like to access your budget information at any time, you can log in to the MyIntegra portal. Here, you can download a budget report and access detailed information about your expenditure and invoices.

We will send you notifications when your funds are running out or help you to identify areas where you are underspending

Alternatively, you can always talk to our friendly plan management Customer Service team, who will be happy to answer your questions.

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