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Supporting our partners and planners

NDIS LAC’s ECEI’s and Planners like working with MyIntegra for streamlined support, fast invoice processing and our advanced systems that help improve accuracy and reduce risk of fraud.
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How MyIntegra Supports NDIS Partners

Connecting your NDIS participants to information and support

We're here to help NDIS participants experience more control and greater freedom. Our dedicated Plan Management and Support Coordination services provide better access to local services and less admin work for participants and families. As a team, we'll create the right support network for participants to live their fullest potential.

The MyIntegra difference

We believe in NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination that puts the person first. Our goal is to create a system that empowers people by simplifying what is often a complex process. We take the time to listen, and really get to know every participant behind the plan, so we can offer personalised guidance and access to the knowledge they need. When we work together to prioritise people, the whole system benefits.

Connecting Your NDIS Participants
Frequently asked questions
How can Local Area Coordinators work with MyIntegra?

Participants rely on Local Area Coordination services to create and implement their NDIS plan. Where MyIntegra comes in is ensuring participants make the best use of their plans.

Our plan management and support coordination services can help your NDIS participants with:
- Accessing appropriate supports
- Managing and paying invoices for services provided
- Understanding their NDIS plan
- Helping them to meet their goals
- Strategising on making more of their funding

As your NDIS partner, our job is to work in sync with how you set the plan. By working together, we can achieve a lot more.

How do Early Childhood Early Intervention Coordinators (ECEIs) work with MyIntegra?

Supporting an early childhood approach is critical to the success of the NDIS mission. Young children and their families need additional support to tackle the challenges of the NDIS system.
ECEIs can support aspects of the NDIS plan and deliver early education and early intervention disability support.

As your NDIS partner, we'll help your young NDIS participants with:
- Simplifying the NDIS system
- Understanding their NDIS plan
- Managing their NDIS budget and maximising utilisation
- Increasing participation in the community
- Finding appropriate supports in early intervention

And so much more! Trust us as your NDIS Partner, and let’s provide better outcomes together.

How does MyIntegra work with National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Planners?

Working with a planner is the first step in a building a relationship between NDIS participants and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). We're here to help make sure that relationship provides the best for participants.

NDIA Planners work closely with participants and nominees to create a strong plan to meet their goals. However, participants may need a little more support in understanding their plan, finding the right services in their local community and managing the admin tasks. That's where we come in. With dedicated and holistic plan management and support coordination services, we're here to be that extra support layer.

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