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NDIS Plan Management
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Plan Management services across the ACT. Enjoy long service hours and a dedicated team ready to help make managing your NDIS plan easier.

Work with a people-focused plan manager in the ACT

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in the ACT is designed to provide support to improve the lives of people living with disability. With a dedicated plan manager, you can get more out of your NDIS funding. At MyIntegra, we support NDIS participants in managing the financial aspects of their NDIS plan. You make the decisions, we'll handle the rest.

Our goal is to empower you with open knowledge-sharing, personalised guidance and localised support. Our NDIS plan managers are experienced in NDIS Plan Management in the ACT, and have the ability to help you where you need it.

  • Local ACT plan management support
  • Track NDIS funds instantly through our online portal
  • Responsive, fast payments of provider invoices
  • Allocate budget for selected NDIS providers
  • Advice on maximising your NDIS funding
  • Guidance on meeting the NDIS price guide
  • Capacity and long service hours across the ACT
  • Enjoy personalised service based on your needs
NDIS plan manager helping participant

Reduce your admin burden

Managing your plan takes time, and it can be tricky. With local NDIS plan management services, you'll spend less time on the details, and get more out of your funding. The best part is, it's funded separately, which means there is no out of pocket cost for you to access our services and it won't take away funding from your other supports.

The MyIntegra portal

Manage your NDIS funds 24/7. Our user-friendly online plan management portal allows access to your NDIS funds and plan at any time.

Participant NDIS journey with MyIntegra ACT

MyIntegra NDIS Plan Management In The ACT

Managing NDIS Funding

Our ACT plan managers help with all aspects of managing your plan funds, including:

  • Visibility of your NDIS budget
  • Tracking your use of funding
  • Paying service providers quickly
  • Processing invoices accurately
  • Customising invoice approvals for chosen providers
  • Monthly financial statements

Maximising Your NDIS Budget

We’ll also help you get more out of NDIS funding with:

  • Updates on remaining NDIS funds
  • Advice on areas of underspending
  • Staying on top of NDIS rules in the ACT
  • Alerts if funds are running out
  • Advice on using your funds to achieve your goals

Frequently asked questions

What is NDIS Plan Management in the ACT?

NDIS plan management in the ACT involves the financial management and administration of your NDIS funding. At MyIntegra we offer support for tasks such as paying service providers, tracking expenses, and providing detailed financial statements.

How do I get Plan Management in the Australian Capital Territory?

You have the option to request NDIS plan management during your initial planning session or during a review meeting. Simply inform your NDIS planner or local area coordinator (LAC) about your preference. If you're currently self-managing or have an agency-managed NDIS plan, you can initiate a "Light Touch Review" by reaching out to the NDIS at 1800 800 110 or contacting your LAC. During the review, you can request the inclusion and funding of plan management within your existing plan.

Can I switch to MyIntegra for Plan Management in the Australian Capital Territory?

Absolutely! You can switch plan managers at any time. If you already have a plan manager and want to make the switch to MyIntegra Plan Management you can sign up online now or contact us on 1800 696 347.

How does MyIntegra Plan Management work in the Australian Capital Territory?

As a Plan Management provider in the ACT, we'll make managing your NDIS plan much easier. Here's how the journey works:

  • Sign up online or call our customer service team on 1800 696 347
  • Sign our service agreement
  • Get access to our online portal to start managing your budget
  • Register your providers so they can start submitting invoices
  • Reserve funds for preferred providers
  • Review and approve invoices - Once approved we’ll bill the NDIA and then pay your provider
  • Login to the portal to stay on top of your budget anytime with ease
  • You can read more about how we work as your plan manager here.

How much does NDIS Plan Management in the ACT cost?

When Plan Management or 'improved life choices' is included in your NDIS plan, then there is no out of pocket cost to you to access MyIntegra plan management services in the ACT. Its funded separately and does not impact the allocation of funds for your other support services.

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