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NDIS Plan Management plan
New South Wales

Local NSW Plan Management services to help you get more out of NDIS funding. An efficient NDIS journey with a lot less admin time.

People-centric NDIS Plan Management in NSW

Understanding NDIS funding in NSW doesn't need to be complex. With a little help, you can get a lot more out of your plan. Our highly trained NDIS plan managers offer the support you need to manage your plan effectively. From budget tracking to paying provider invoices, we've got your back in all things finance.

Experience personalised guidance, the best NDIS plan managers working locally, and expert NDIS budget management. With MyIntegra, you're guaranteed more control and better outcomes.

  • Local New South Wales Plan Management support
  • Real-time NDIS budget tracking
  • Responsive, fast and accurate invoicing
  • Allocate budget to your preferred providers
  • Advice on maximising your NDIS funding
  • Proactive communication on your terms
  • Extended service hours to help you when you need it
  • As much help as you want or need
NDIS Participant with family in NSW

Cut down admin time with expert Plan Management

Take the stress out of managing your NDIS plan. Track expenses in real-time, pay your providers quickly and live your best life - all with a lot less effort. Best of all, there is no out of pocket cost to you to use our services when 'plan management' or 'improved life choices' is included in your NDIS plan. It's funded separately so won't take away from funds allocated to other supports.

MyIntegra NDIS portal

Real-time access to your NDIS budget and plan, anytime, anywhere. Manage your services through our user-friendly online portal.

MyIntegra NDIS Plan Management services New South Wales

NDIS plan managers helping kid

Managing your
NDIS funding

Our plan managers help you with:

  • Assigning your budget according to your needs and goals
  • Accurately processing provider invoices
  • Paying providers quickly
  • Helping you track spending with monthly statements
  • Easy approvals on provider invoices

Maximising your
NDIS budget

We also help you get more out of your funding by:

  • Offering clear budget tracking so you know what you're paying for
  • Sending alerts when funding is running out
  • Reviewing your budget regularly to stay on track with goals
  • Identifying areas where you could spend more to hit your goals
  • Choice and control over which local NSW providers you use

Frequently asked questions

What is Plan Management in New South Wales?

Working with a local plan manager in New South Wales means it's easier for you to manage the funds in your NDIS plan and navigate the guidelines of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Enjoy greater control and more freedom in your NDIS journey, and better visibility and use of your NDIS funding.

How do I get Plan Management in New South Wales?

If you don't already have NDIS plan management included in your NSW plan, you can request a 'light touch review' with your NDIS planner or local area coordinator (LAC). Use our Request for Plan Management Letteras a guide.

Can I switch to MyIntegra for Plan Management in New South Wales?

You absolutely have the freedom to switch plan managers at any point! Simply connect with our customer service team and inform them of your decision or sign up online. We'll help handle the transition.

How does MyIntegra Plan Management work in New South Wales?

Here's what to expect when you get started with our NDIS Plan Management services:

  • Register for MyIntegra NDIS plan management through our online form or by contacting the customer service team
  • Sign a service agreement to get started
  • Get access to your online portal account to start managing your funds
  • Let us know who your NDIS service providers are so we can let them know how to submit invoices
  • Set aside budget for your preferred providers
  • Either auto-approve provider invoices or manually review and approve them
  • Track your budget in real-time with total ease
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