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Using NDIS funds

Learn how to effectively manage your NDIS funds so you can get the most out of your plan and achieve your goals.
NDIS Registered Provider Journey
Understanding your NDIS funds

Launched in 2013, the NDIS was designed to offer people greater choice and freedom over the support they receive. If you’re eligible, your NDIS funding helps you pay for the services and supports you need in daily life and to achieve your personal goals.
There are three core budget types in NDIS funding: core supports, capacity building supports and capital supports.
Within these budgets there are many support categories that can help with everyday activities including:

Daily Household
Social & Community Participation
Assistive Technology
Home Modifications
Support Coordination
Plan Management
Living Arrangements
Health & Wellbeing
What can NDIS funds be used for?

NDIS funds are intended to provide people with disability the support they need to achieve their goals, enhance their wellbeing and promote independence.

NDIS funds can only be used for supports that are deemed reasonable and necessary. The NDIS considers a support to be reasonable and necessary if it is related to your disability, represents value for money, and can't be provided by another informal or formal support.

It’s important to note that some funding can only be used for the categories and items it was provided for, these are your “stated supports”.

Other funding is flexible and can be moved between support categories to help you with adjustments in support you may need.

Managing your NDIS Funds
Ways to manage your NDIS funds?

Managing your NDIS funds is important to ensuring you receive the supports and services you need. The choice of how to manage your plan and funds depends on your individual preferences, needs, and circumstances. The NDIS offers three ways to manage your plan.

Plan Managed: Appointing a professional NDIS plan manager like MyIntegra to handle all the financial and administrative aspects of your NDIS plan including budget tracking, record keeping and submitting invoices for payment.

Self Managed: You take on the role of managing your NDIS funds and coordinating your supports and services, giving you full control of your funds.

Agency Managed: The NDIS manages the payment of funds directly to service providers on your behalf. However your service providers are limited to under those registered with the NDIS.

Using Support Coordination funding

If Support Coordination is funded in your NDIS plan, you get can support to help understand your NDIS plan, find service providers, negotiate service agreements and coordinate your supports and services to ensure your needs and goals are met.

At MyIntegra our Australia-wide network of specialised support coordinators use their expertise and knowledge to connect you with the right local services to achieve your goals and live a better life.

With our Support Coordination service you’ll get help to:

  • Understand your NDIS plan.
  • Exercise choice and control.
  • Find local services and supports.
  • Negotiate service agreements and resolve any issues.
  • Prepare for plan reviews.
  • Build your capacity to manage your plan independently.

Finding the right partner

At MyIntegra we do things differently. Our goal is to make your NDIS journey as easy as possible. From understanding how NDIS funds can be used to finding the right service providers, there’s a lot to tackle. So don’t do it alone. Our Plan Management team and Specialist Support Coordinators are here to help. We’ll walk you through how the NDIS works, how to get the most out of your funds, and find the right supports. You make the decisions. We’ll handle the rest.

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