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For NDIS support coordinators

Support coordinators love working with MyIntegra Plan Management. We’ll help you manage your participant’s NDIS budget more easily and help them get the most out of their funds.
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We've compiled a comprehensive set of resources designed for NDIS support coordinators. From guides to help manage your NDIS funding and tips to understand your budget breakdowns, we've got everything you need.

NDIS for autism

MyIntegra portal for support coordinators

Our user-friendly online portal is an essential tool for NDIS Support Coordinators to help you manage your NDIS participants plan. Here's what you can do on the portal.

view NDIS funds View NDIS funds
track-spending Track spending
approve-invoices Approve invoices
view-invoice-status View invoice status
access-on-any-device Access on any device 24/7
manage-NDIS-providers Manage NDIS providers
reserve-NDIS-funds Reserve NDIS funds
download monthly statements Download monthly statements
manage-NDIS-providers Manage multiple participants
NDIS Plan Manager

Call the MyIntegra Support Coordinator Hotline at 1300 769 608

The MyIntegra Support Coordinator hotline is designed to provide streamlined service and support for Support Coordinators. We understand that you are busy and need efficient and knowledgeable assistance from a Plan Manager. That’s why we offer a dedicated contact point to ensure a seamless experience for you.

• Phone Support: Call our dedicated Support Coordinator phone line at 1300 769 608
• Text Message Support: For quick queries or requests send a text message to 0480 028 824
• Email Support: Send an email to [email protected]

You’ll be connected directly with our team of experts who specialise in assisting Support Coordinators with their questions or concerns, providing prompt and reliable assistance.

Frequently asked questions
How do I refer a participant to MyIntegra for Plan Management?

Support Coordinators can sign up participants with MyIntegra Plan Management services online in under 5 minutes. Click Sign Up and Select Support Coordinator.

Otherwise you can contact us directly on 1800 696 347 or email [email protected]

How can I help my participant switch to MyIntegra Plan Management?

Switching to MyIntegra Plan Management is easy. If your participant already has a plan manager and want to make the switch to MyIntegra Plan Management you can sign up online now on their behalf or contact us on 1800 696 347. We’ll assist in contacting their current plan manager to arrange the transition and ensure there are no disruptions to the payments of supports.

How can I help my participant get Plan Management included in their plan?

Your participant can ask for NDIS plan management at their initial planning or review meeting, by advising the planner or local area coordinator (LAC) of their choice. They can even use our Request for Plan Management Letter to help make it easier.

How do I get a NDIS providers invoice paid?

Providers can submit invoices directly through the MyIntegra portal for quick payment times. Alternatively, invoices can be emailed to [email protected].Enquiries should go to [email protected]

For faster payments, make sure the following information is covered:

  • Business name and ABN
  • Business address
  • Billing contact details – name, phone number and email address
  • A unique invoice number
  • Participant name
  • Support start and end date
  • Service date
  • Details of the support provided or the NDIS code
  • Bank details for payment

Providers can use our invoice template to make it easier and even submit multiple invoices at a time using our Bulk File Upload Template and uploading to the MyIntegra Provider Portal.

How do I get Support Coordinator access to the MyIntegra portal to help manage my participants plan?

To get set up with access to the MyIntegra portal as a Support Coordinator contact us on 1800 696 347 or email [email protected]

How can a participant reserve funds for providers?

Participants can reserve funds for providers through the portal and then you as their support coordinator and providers can view these reserved funds.

Steps for the participant to reserve funds:

  • Login to the MyIntegra portal.
  • Click ‘My Money’ in the main menu and select ‘Create Reserve Fund’ from the drop down menu.
  • In the provider field, search and select the provider you wish to reserve funds for.
  • In the “Budget” field, select the budget you are reserving the funds from.
  • In the “Budget Line Item” field, select the budget line item.
  • In the “Total Remaining Amount” field enter the amount of funds you wish to reserve for this provider. Click “Save”.

Alternatively, you can send us the Schedule of Supports via email at [email protected] or simply give us a call on 1800 696 347, and we can set aside the right amount of funds.

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