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NDIS Plan Management Western Australia

Experience a WA-based NDIS journey that's smooth, empowering and worry-free. With a dedicated plan manager by your side, you'll live life to the fullest.

Work with an NDIS plan manager that gets you

Navigating the NDIS doesn't have to be complicated. With your own personal plan manager backing you up, you can easily manage your budget and pay your providers quickly.

Our dedicated team of NDIS plan managers work hard to understand the people at the centre of the plan and provide personalised guidance on your journey. Covering all the financial admin aspects of handling your NDIS funds, we tirelessly strive for better outcomes. You make the decisions, we'll take care of the rest.

  • Local Western Australia Plan Management support
  • Round-the-clock access to your NDIS funds
  • Accurately process provider invoices
  • Pay your service providers quickly
  • Tracking your spending against your budget
  • Achieve more from your NDIS funding with expert advice
  • Long service hours across WA for better coverage
  • Tailored levels of support as you need it
WA NDIS Plan Management provider

Put Your NDIS Management worries behind you

Don't let tedious admin tasks and financial administration hold you back. It's time to live your best life and make the most of your NDIS budget. NDIS plan management is funded separately in your NDIS plan, which means no out-of-pocket fees when you use our services. So let us find the best NDIS plan manager for your unique goals, and get you started on a better NDIS journey.

MyIntegra online

Manage invoices and track your spending. Our user-friendly online NDIS portal provides you with 24/7 access to the funds in your NDIS plan.

plan manager helping participant

Western Australia NDIS Plan Management

Core Plan
Management services

We cover all the basics of managing your NDIS budget including:

  • Claiming in-line with NDIS guidelines
  • Easy approvals on invoices
  • Processing invoices accurately
  • Paying provider invoices quickly to avoid disruption
  • Real-time access to your spending and detailed monthly statements

Getting more out
of your NDIS funds

We're also driven to help you achieve more by:

  • Being your NDIS guide with open information sharing
  • Letting you know sooner if funding is running low
  • Suggesting areas where your funds could be better spent to achieve your goals
  • Giving you choice and control to find the Perth providers that fit your unique needs

Frequently asked questions

What is Plan Management in Western Australia?

Western Australia NDIS Plan Management is delivered by NDIS registered providers to help you manage your plan more efficiently. Our plan management services offer expert advice and support in all financial areas of your plan and so much more. This is also separately funded, which means the services can be accessed without out-of-pocket expense.

How do I get Plan Management in Western Australia?

If plan management isn't part of your existing Western Australia NDIS plan, you can request for it to be included via your LAC or NDIS planner at a
"light touch review". Our Request for Plan Management Letter template is useful for making this request.

Can I switch to MyIntegra for Plan Management in Western Australia?

You can make the switch easily at any time during your NDIS journey. To work with MyIntegra, connect with our customer service team by signing up online or giving us a call and inform them of your decision. We'll ensure a smooth transition so your services don't get disrupted.

How does MyIntegra Plan Management work in Western Australia?

We've made MyIntegra plan management services easy to access and use. To get started, simply:

  • Sign up for NDIS plan management online or over the phone
  • Sign our service agreement
  • Get set up on our online portal
  • Register your existing service providers with us so we can let them know how to submit invoices
  • Manually or automatically approve provider invoices as they come through
  • Track your invoices and spending anytime online
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