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NDIS Support Coordination QLD

Get Specialist Support Coordination to help manage your NDIS plan and find local Queensland supports you need.

Manage and maximise NDIS plans with total support

Making the most of your NDIS funding can be hard. Finding the right service providers, matching local supports to goals, and figuring out the NDIS price guide - all this takes time and effort. Luckily you don't have to do it alone.

As dedicated Specialist Support Coordinators, we work hard to take the stress off you. From managing service agreements to helping you learn more about the NDIS, we've got your back. Most importantly, we're here to be your guide through the NDIS journey. Trust us to help you live your best life.

  • Queensland registered NDIS provider
  • A team that has lived through their own NDIS journey
  • Budget planning and reviews around your goals
  • Help to find local Queensland support providers
  • Help to negotiate service agreements
  • Understand your plan and how to manage it
  • Help to solve any issues that you have
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A people-focused outlook

We're focused on who you are behind your plan. When NDIS funding is managed with people as the priority, the whole system benefits. Our Specialist Support Coordinators work tirelessly to pursue better outcomes for you, achieve your full potential, share knowledge openly, and help you hit your goals.

Your local Queensland support coordinator

Finding you the
right support

The main aim of support coordination is to make the most of your funds, with the right local supports. Our team will:

  • Help you understand your NDIS plan
  • Figure out what you need to achieve your goals
  • Advise you on the most appropriate services and choice of providers
  • Manage service agreements with your support services
  • Ensure that these providers help make your life better

Providing ongoing guidance

We're here for the whole NDIS journey. Our team works closely with you beyond support coordination to:

  • Guide you through the NDIS system
  • Help build a strong community of support around participants
  • Review NDIS funding against your goals
  • Ready you for regular NDIS reviews
  • Address any concerns that come up with providers
Financial admin taken off your plate

NDIS plans come with a lot of admin work. But don’t worry. Our NDIS plan managers can help you get more out of funding and ease your burden. We’ll handle the paperwork, invoices and more so you don't have to worry.

NDIS Support Coordination Queensland

Frequently asked questions

What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination is designed to help you manage your support services a whole lot easier. Support coordinators will assist with finding the right providers, managing service agreements, and helping you understand the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

How do I get Support Coordination in my plan?

If your plan doesn't currently fund support coordination, you will need to request this with your LAC. There are a number of ways you could be eligible - transitioning through life stages, lacking a strong support network, or if this is your first NDIS plan. Discuss your options with your LAC and explain how a support coordinator can help you.

Can I switch to MyIntegra for Support Coordination?

You can switch support services at any point in your NDIS journey. To work with a MyIntegra support coordinator, contact our customer service team at 1300 937 187. Once you've informed us of your decision, we'll handle the transition so none of your services are disrupted. We'll also update your existing support coordinator and service providers on the switch.

How does MyIntegra Support Coordination work?

Our Support Coordination is designed to be accessed with ease. Here's what your journey looks like:

  • Get started by signing up online or calling our customer service team.
  • Discuss your goals with a support coordinator to determine if we're the best fit.
  • Sign a service agreement to start your services. Our support coordinators will happily work through this with you if needed.
  • Meet your new support coordinator for your first meeting, at a location of your choice or over the phone.
  • Make a plan with your support coordinator around the supports and providers that best fit your goals.
  • Start living your best life!
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