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Protecting you from NDIS fraud

Aug.11.2023 MyIntegra Updates

At MyIntegra, we want to do everything we can to protect NDIS participants from fraud. Our systems and processes will help keep you safe from fraud and scams and ensure NDIS funds are protected.

Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes and can include things like:

  • Claiming payment for NDIS services and supports that are not delivered.
  • Overcharging for services that are delivered.
  • Creating or using fake documents, invoices or branding to mislead Participants, or creating dummy Participants or services to steal funds.
  • Gaining access to or using private or confidential information without full consent from the affected parties.
  • Intimidating or threatening Participants or Nominees to sign up, pay for services, or hand over private information.
  • Criminals and fraudsters will do what they can to find ways to gain access, information and ultimately, money. So it’s important to ensure every care is taken and everyone is supported to identify and report suspicious activity and protect themselves.

How MyIntegra provides protection from NDIS fraud

  • Clear Service Agreements – Our team members will work with you to make sure service agreements with your providers clearly show the type of support, pricing, and payments that have been agreed upon.
  • Pay NDIS rate and nothing more – MyIntegra will not pay above the NDIS approved rates, ensuring you don’t get overcharged for the support you receive.
  • Understanding your NDIS budget – We’ll give you advice about providers and give you tools and features that let you see how your NDIS funds have been spent. We also provide statements and invoice approval processes that help you closely monitor providers, including those who may have just started with you.
  • Reporting suspicious behaviour – MyIntegra reports suspicious behaviour and providers to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission and the Agency. If you suspect fraud is happening, please get in touch.
  • Work in Partnership – Working with you through your NDIS journey so you know how and where your spending is going and can make the most of your funds.

Participants and Nominees – Help protect yourself against NDIS fraud

There are some simple ways to protect yourself.

  • Do not share your personal information with strangers. If someone asks you to pay money into an account, check over the phone with your provider to ensure it is legitimate.
  • Choose passwords that are hard to guess and update them regularly. And keep your online passwords a secret. If you receive a suspicious email, text, or phone call asking you for your password, credit card, or bank account details, do not open or answer it. If you receive an email with suspicious links or attachments, or websites with pop-up messages, do not click on the links.
  • Check the bona fides of providers before signing up with them. Do they have an ABN? Do they have the necessary qualifications to perform the work they say they will? Do they have the required worker safety checks?
  • Has the provider ever been banned, or had action taken against them? The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission keeps an up-to-date list of providers who have been banned, de-registered, or the subject of other actions.
  • What reputation does the provider have? See what others say on Google or Facebook reviews, or your networks, or ask the team at MyIntegra. Ask the provider if they will meet you in person.
  • Does the provider advertise their prices? Do they have a price list and charge in line with the NDIS price guide? If not, ask them why.
  • Ask for a Service Agreement. One that clearly states the rates, number of hours and services to be delivered to you.
    Check what they charge you. Do the hours, days and rates on invoices line up with the service or support you received?
  • Check with MyIntegra Plan Management – If you’ve been asked to pay money into an account you haven’t paid into before, always check over the phone with your provider or service supplier to confirm the account details and be sure of who you’re dealing with. MyIntegra is here to help make sure you pay the rates that apply to the service you receive. And give you 24/7 access via our portal and monthly statements.
  • If you think fraud may be happening – report it to the NDIS Fraud Reporting and Scams Helpline especially set up, just call 1800 650 717 or email [email protected]

Providers – protect yourself from Fraud and Non-Compliance

Fraud is one of the most serious challenges facing the NDIS. It isn’t just an organised criminal activity. It can also be undertaken by providers. As a provider, you have a responsibility to ensure you follow the rules and processes and keep Participants, Nominees, and important stakeholders fully informed about the details of their services and supports.

For NDIS providers, there are rules and protections you need to observe. If you’re unsure what the NDIS means when they say ‘Fraud’, here are some examples.

  • Claiming for services or supports that have not been provided, or claiming travel or other entitlements which are not allowed or have not been expended in delivering the support/s.
  • Getting and using NDIA information or restricted data without consent.
  • Providing false or misleading information or using fake documents and invoices.
  • All fraudulent or criminal activity relating to running a business, including theft, accounting fraud or misusing funds.

Code of Conduct

To best protect your business, it’s a good idea to stay up to date with the NDIS rules, requirements and expectations of Participants and Nominees, Local Area Coordinators and Early Childhood Planners, NDIA Planners and Regulators. The NDIS Code of Conduct applies to all providers regardless of their registration status.

It’s in all our interests to make sure we do our bit to ensure the sustainability of the NDIS.

  • Your qualifications and checks – Keep your membership, qualifications, accreditations and checks up to date. Depending on what services you are providing, there may be additional requirements that relate to maintaining your expertise and the safety and quality of the service you provide.
  • Your ABN and insurance – keep your ABN and insurance up to date, including worker’s compensation, professional and public liability insurance, as well as vehicle, equipment and building insurance.
  • Take NDIS seriously – there are good reasons for the rules in NDIS and the way they have been designed. Outside of audit processes, the NDIS or Quality and Safeguards Commission may contact you at any time if they suspect you are doing something that doesn’t fall within the rules. Depending on the severity of the issue, a provider may be issued a compliance notice. You need to address the issues raised at the earliest opportunity. You may want to get advice on the best way to do this.
  • Stay up to date – NDIS rules, regulations and pricing change frequently. Subscribe to NDIS news and alerts for providers. Use the resources and tools provided to you by NDIS, including MyIntegra Plan Management – we can assist you with information and resources so you stay ahead of the pack.
  • Take your time to keep records – as a Provider, you need to demonstrate the details of the support you have provided to NDIS Participants. This can include case notes, documents and receipts. Store these documents securely and take the care and time to ensure you can locate these records as and when required.
  • Service Agreements and Invoices – MyIntegra is one of Australia’s largest and most trusted Plan Managers. We require providers to give us the correct details on Service Agreements and Invoices. Getting these right will save you time in the long run. A Service Agreement is a contract between a Provider and a Participant which sets out the respective contact details, the supports to be delivered, where and when and how often the supports will be delivered, the pricing and quantity, and other relevant aspects of your services. If you are not sure what you need to include, then we have made it easy for you with these templates:

NDIS Provider – Schedule of Supports Template
NDIS Provider Invoice Template

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