It’s a way your NDIS budget funds can be managed

NDIS participants can choose how to manage the funding for the supports in their plan. This includes managing the financial transactions and paperwork involved with accessing the supports that form your plan.

Choosing how to manage your NDIS budget is an important decision. You can choose to have your plan:

  • Managed by an NDIS registered Plan Manager, such as Integra
  • Self-managed
  • Agency-managed (National Disability Insurance Agency, NDIA)
  • A combination of the above

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You'll have the freedom to make all the choices without the hassle of managing the paperwork - leaving you more time to live the life you want!

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Common questions about Plan Management

What does an NDIS Plan Manager do?

An NDIS Plan Manager is responsible for paying invoices from providers for the services you receive.
A Plan Manager also is responsible for providing you with information to enable you to manage your plan effectively, such as monthly spending statements.

How does Plan Management compare to other options?

Benefits Plan Managed Self-Managed Agency Managed
No out of pocket costs to you

Access to NDIS registered providers

Access to unregistered providers
Freedom from complex paperwork & bills
Power to approve ALL payments to providers
Payments made on your behalf
Clear view of spending and balance
Billing issues resolved for you


Why would I want to use a Plan Manager?

NDIS participants who choose Plan Management can benefit in a number of ways:
  • You can choose supports from non-NDIS registered providers such as a gardener, cleaner or organisations and therapists who have chosen not to register.
  • You don't have to use the NDIS Portal.
  • You have a partner helping you to navigating the NDIS and ensure you get the most of your plan.
  • You have most of the choice and control of Self-Management without the administrative burden.
  • The funding for Plan Management is in addition to other supports.

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