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How to switch plan managers

Looking to make the switch to MyIntegra?

The NDIS is designed to give participants choice and control. This includes choosing your plan manager.

No matter how far you are into your NDIS plan, you can switch plan managers whenever you like.

Switching made easy


Contact our friendly team and let us know you want to make the switch

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We will contact your current plan manager to arrange the transition and ensure there are no disruptions to the payments of your supports.


We will contact your service providers to let them know where to send their invoices.

Questions about changing plan managers

Nope! Not unless you want to give them feedback. It’s your choice to use the provider you want. There’s no need to explain or justify your decision.

If you’ve used a plan manager in your current plan, then you already have funding for plan management. You don’t need to contact the NDIS or your LAC as there’s nothing they need to update or amend. It’s as simple as choosing a NDIS plan management provider that you want to use.

Not all plan managers the same and no two individuals are the same. You’ll want to find a plan manager that suits your needs and expectations depending on what’s most important to you. Fast payments, NDIS knowledge and advice, online tools, and being quick to respond to enquiries, are just some of the reasons people choose MyIntegra.

You can switch plan managers any time you like. If your current plan manager isn’t meeting your expectations, find one that will.

If you’re realising self-management or agency managed isn’t for you, or want to combine management types for parts of your plan, then you can request a ‘light touch review’ to have plan management included and funded in your NDIS plan. Learn more about how to get plan management.

This depends on your current plan manager and the service agreement you have with them. Generally, there will be a notice period that will need to be served out. We will work together with your current plan manager to ensure the smoothest transition.

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