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NDIS Plan Management

Need an NDIS plan manager to pay your invoices fast?

MyIntegra plan management puts you in control of your NDIS plan, providing an effortless way to pay your invoices on time and keep track of your budget and spending.

Why choose MyIntegra?

Expert NDIS advice

Our friendly team help you navigate the NDIS, so you can stress less​

Easy-to-use portal​

Keep track of your NDIS budget when it suits you, 24/7​

Help when you need it

We’ve got capacity and long opening hours to service customers across Australia​

Trusted partner

We’re independent so you can be confident we’re 100% focused on you​

Get your NDIS funds working for you

MyIntegra makes managing your NDIS plan and budget easy, freeing up your time to get the most out of life. Here’s what you can expect when you choose MyIntegra as your plan manager.


Let us do to the admin


Get the most from your plan

Benefit from using a plan manager

Not plan managed with MyIntegra? Find out how to switch to MyIntegra or get plan management added to your plan.

Find plan management in your state


An easier way to manage your NDIS budget, 24/7

Our online MyIntegra Portal is designed to help you easily manage your plan and your supports – anywhere, anytime. Find out more about the MyIntegra portal.

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