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What does a plan manager do in the NDIS?

Feb.28.2024 By Natalie Woodbridge

Managing your NDIS plan effectively is key to making the most of your funding, and accessing the supports you need. There are three ways that you can manage your NDIS plan — self-managed, agency-managed, plan-managed, or a combination of the three.

A plan manager plays a crucial role in helping you understand your NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) plan, manage and monitor your funds, and pay invoices from your service providers.

Let’s break each of these supports down a little further, so you can fully understand the value a plan manager can add to your NDIS journey.

What is a plan manager in the NDIS?

A plan manager is a person or organisation that helps NDIS participants manage your funding and expenses. They work between both you and the NDIS, and take care of all the financial  aspects of managing your plan.

Working with a plan manager saves you time, helps you get the most out of your plan, ensures you receive uninterrupted service delivery by getting invoices paid on time, and ensure you really understand how you can use your NDIS plan to achieve your goals.

To work with a plan manager, you need to first choose a plan manager that is registered with the NDIS, such as MyIntegra. All plan managers must be registered with the NDIS so they can submit claims on your behalf using the online portal.

Registered providers also must comply with a particular set of guidelines and policies so you can rest assured they have the qualifications and experience to support you.

You can use the Provider Finder tool on the myplace participant portal to search for a registered plan management provider.  

Once you have chosen a plan manager, you can contact them directly to sign up and get started. If your plan is on the new PACE system you will also need to call the NDIS on 1800 800 110 and ask them to endorse your chosen provider as your plan manager.

From there, the plan manager will work with you to get access to your NDIS plan and any relevant financial information. Then they will help you understand your funding and breakdown your budgets, pay invoices, and provide reporting to help you monitor your spending.

Benefits of working with a NDIS plan manager

Working with a plan manager can streamline your NDIS journey in many different ways, including helping you to:

Clearly understand your NDIS plan

A plan manager will explain your NDIS plan to you—they will help you understand what is covered by your plan, how much funding you have, and provide advice on how to use your funding effectively.

If you have any questions about your plan or budget allocation, your plan manager will be able to answer them for you.

Manage your NDIS funds and monitor your spending

One of the main responsibilities of a NDIS plan manager is to support you in managing your NDIS funds.

A plan manager can you help understand if you are using your funds efficiently and help you monitor how you are spending your funds to reduce your risk of over or under-spending.  They will also ensure you are being charged in line with the current NDIS price guide.

By having your funds monitored closely, you’ll have peace of mind that funds will be available when you need them, meaning you can continue to receive uninterrupted service delivery. Some plan managers like MyIntegra will give you access to a portal to monitor your budget and spending 24/7. 

Pay invoices and provide you with more choice

A plan manager will also take care of handling and paying your invoices from service providers. This involves a careful review of each invoice to confirm its accuracy, followed by fast and accurate payments.

How quickly your invoices are paid can vary from plan manager to plan manager, so it’s best to clarify this before you sign up.

Paying invoices in a timely manner is an important task as it ensures service providers are paid quickly, avoiding potential disruptions in service delivery.

If you choose to use a plan manager, you’ll also be provided with greater choice over your service providers including both registered and non-registered. You can choose the service provider that best meets your needs, and your plan manager will take care of processing the invoices and payments.

Plan managers will also maintain accurate records of all your payments. This financial tracking allows NDIS plan managers to provide you with in-depth financial reporting, so you can clearly understand how you are using your NDIS funds.

Finding the right plan manager

The right plan manager is invaluable–they help you make sure you are using your NDIS funds effectively and get more out of your plan with a lot less effort.

The expertise of a plan manager in dealing with the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) and understanding the intricacies of the NDIS can help take some of the stress out and paperwork out of managing your plan.

MyIntegra is a leading plan management provider, with an experienced team who are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your NDIS plan. We tackle the time-consuming tasks so you can focus on achieving your goals. With an online portal where you can easily access your NDIS budget and expenditure history, staying up to date with your NDIS funding and plan has never been easier.

To learn more or sign up for MyIntegra’s plan management services, get in touch with our friendly team today. If you need a little extra help finding the right NDIS supports, the NDIS may provide you funding for a Support Coordinator, discover more about the MyIntegra Support Coordinator service.

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