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Empowering you to achieve your goals

Our clients are the number one reason why we are in the plan management and support coordination business. Our vision, mission and values underpin everything we do to ensure we are always committed to providing the highest quality services to you so you can achieve your goals.

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Our Vision

MyIntegra champions empowered living for people with disability.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to help people with a disability achieve what they set out to. We work with you to plan realistic goals and then provide the support, motivation and inspiration to keep you moving forward.

Our Values

We are committed to demonstrating our values and having integrity in every interaction you have with us. Read more about our values below.


Together we can create a more inclusive and supportive world for everyone. MyIntegra believes in the power of strong networks and human connections to not only support people with disability, but strengthen entire communities.

We are not a care organisation. We see our role as standing side by side with you to support you on whatever path you choose. MyIntegra champions solutions that enhance the confidence and independence of people with disability.

We are committed to acting in a considered and respectful way. We believe every service we carry out should bring meaning to people’s lives. We act honestly, respect boundaries, and provide realistic advice and options.

MyIntegra has an optimistic outlook. It’s in our nature to seek out ways forward, rather than sit back and say it can’t be done. We apply innovation to find solutions, and seek to share a bright outlook with the people we serve.

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