NDIS Plan Management in Queensland

With NDIS Plan Management available all across Queensland, MyIntegra can help you have increased choice and control over how your plan funds are used – choosing from both registered and non-registered providers. Our Plan Management service helps pay your NDIS support providers, provides professional budget management and ensures funds are available for the length of your plan.

We can shine a light on the NDIS for you.

We’ve been around since the NDIS rolled out, and we’re here to manage your plan in QLD.

MyIntegra plan management puts you in control of your NDIS plan, providing an effortless way to pay your invoices on time and keep track of your budget and spending.

Queenslanders love MyIntegra because...

Local NDIS advice

Our friendly QLD-based team help you navigate the NDIS, so you can stress less

Easy-to-use portal​

Keep track of your NDIS budget when it suits you through our online portal.

Help when you need it

Our friendly customer service team is on-the-ground, with QLD-friendly hours.

Trusted partner

We are independent so you can be confident we’re 100% focused on you.

We operate NDIS Plan Management out of Queensland

NDIS Plan Management in Queensland is simple with a central Brisbane office, and staff working on a ground-level around the state. We have offices in Queensland and operate across the following regions:

Queenslanders have discovered the Plan Management difference...


per cent of NDIS participants in Australia use Plan Management


is the total number of participants accessing the NDIS in Queensland


per cent of NDIS participants in Queensland use Plan Management

MyIntegra portal and smartphone app

Easy to use online portal for Queensland NDIS participants and their nominees

Access your NDIS budget and expenditure history at your fingertips, in real-time and conveniently on any device. MyIntegra is here to help you make your best decisions.

Our secure portal allows you greater transparency for your Queensland NDIS plan. With it you can access a complete view of all your invoices detail, including:

Australians can't get enough of MyIntegra


Some FAQs about NDIS Plan Management in QLD

It’s how your NDIS funds can be managed in Queensland.

NDIS participants in Queensland always have a choice about how to manage the funds in their plan.

This includes managing the financial transactions and paperwork and making sure you comply with NDIS rules around what is reasonable and necessary.

Find out more here.

The choice to use a plan manager in Queensland is all yours

There are a few options in getting plan management included in your NDIS plan.

You can: ask for plan management when your plan is being prepared; or make a request any time your plan is active.

Find out more here.

Looking to make the switch to MyIntegra?

Choosing your QLD Plan Manager is one of the many ways the NDIS can give participants choice and control.

No matter how far you are into your NDIS plan, you can switch plan managers whenever you like.

You can find out more here.

Did you know you can allocate funds to certain providers? You can always be certain you have enough money for preferred providers, while staying on top of your budget. 

MyIntegra is one of the only Queensland plan managers that can help easily set this up for you.

It only takes three simple steps that you can follow here.

A step-by-step guide on getting started with MyIntegra plan management

If you’re not sure how to get started with plan management in Queensland or want to know what happens next, we can help. Let us walk you through the process of signing up with MyIntegra, so you can take control of your NDIS plan today.

Learn more here.

A Brisbane office with QLD-friendly hours

Chat with our friendly Queensland staff by phone on 1800 696 347, on email at choiceandcontrol@myintegra.com.au or via our online chat function. We are open the following hours in AEST:

Monday | 9am–7pm
Tuesday | 9am–7pm
Wednesday | 9am–7pm
Thursday | 9am–7pm
Friday | 9am–7pm
Saturday | Closed
Sunday | Closed