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Understanding NDIS budget management

Dec.04.2019 By Natalia Pakhomova

Every NDIS plan has a budget with funding to purchase supports to help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s your first NDIS plan or you’ve been doing it for a while, the NDIS is always changing.

Plan Management refers to the way your NDIS plan budget is managed. Plan Management is included in your NDIS Plan in addition to other supports. There are 3 options you can choose from — Plan Managed, Agency Managed and Self-Managed.

At your NDIS meeting, you can advise how you want your plan managed. Some options give you more flexibility, choice and control than others. Let’s have a quick look at how each of these options can work for you.

Plan Managed

  • A Plan Manager is an organisation that provides plan management services (they must be registered specially for Plan Management).
  • A Plan Manager is paid a set-up fee and fixed monthly rate for organising the financial side of your plan. There is no cost to you.
  • A Plan Manager will pay bills for you, take care of the paperwork and keep records. You’re still in control, but your providers send invoices to your Plan Manager who then makes a claim for funds from NDIA.
  • You can use both registered and unregistered Providers (many people choose Plan Management because they get extra flexibility and can use smaller organisations and mainstream services that are not registered with NDIS).
  • You don’t need to have a separate bank account.
  • You get access to information for your Plan Reviews and back up if you ever get audited.
  • Billing issues and queries are dealt with by the Plan Manager. So you can focus on living your life without the hassle of admin!
  • You can get information about your plan and how you are going, and you can be sent monthly statements.

Agency Managed

  • The NDIA pays your bills. You can use the myplace NDIS portal to keep track of your plan, what has been spent and what is remaining.
  • Providers send their invoices to the agency, who then pays them.
  • There’s not as much flexibility as Plan Managed, because you can only use registered providers on the NDIS list.
  • May be suitable for people who don’t need flexibility and only want to work with registered providers.
  • If you have queries, you need to call the NDIA (expect long wait times).


  • You manage the funds and pay for your supports. You then claim back from the NDIA through their myplace portal. You will need to use a computer and fill in paperwork to get the funding approved for each support you purchase or service you receive.
  • You can use both registered and unregistered providers.
  • You will need to put aside some extra time to manage the finances. You take care of the payments and paperwork and keep records for when you get audited.
  • You will need to maintain a separate bank account.
  • You can pay higher rates for some supports.
  • You can be left out of pocket and need to pay upfront for some supports. You will then need to claim back from the NDIA.

MyIntegra Plan Management

Now you know the main options for how the finances can be managed in your NDIS plan, it’s over to you. You can get MyIntegra Plan Management anytime — you don’t need a plan review.

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