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Reserving funds for your participant's providers

Do you want to be able to allocate funds to certain trusted providers so you know there is enough money available for them and make it easier to manage your participant’s budget?

MyIntegra is one of the only plan managers that can help easily set this up for you. And it only takes three simple steps.

Step 1

Set up a schedule of supports with your participant's providers.

If you work with a trusted provider you can work with them to determine the type of supports your participant will need and how long they will need the provider to help them achieve their plan goals. This agreed amount of services is called a schedule of supports.

Step 2

Create a service booking with MyIntegra, which assigns the agreed funds to the provider.

You can send the schedule of supports to us, or simply give us a call, and we can set aside the right amount of funds in the participant's plan for that provider. That way the participant has certainty that they will get the services they need and the provider will have confidence the funds will be available for the agreed work.

Step 3

Your participant is in control of their funds the whole time.

If your participant decides they want to change the service booking with the provider or get services from another provider, then no problem. You can contact us anytime and we can will change it to their requirements. We’ll also let the provider know of the change on the participants behalf.

Reserve funds gives you and your participant confidence that money is available to get the services your participant needs. For providers, they will have confidence that they can provide services risk free – with no overspend issues. At MyIntegra, we’re always looking to make payments easier.

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