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If you are a service provider and have clients seeking the help of a Plan Manager, we would love to help.

We have experience working with a wide range of service providers. We'll ensure both you and your client enjoy a fast and easy payment process and benefit from our team of experienced staff guiding you through the NDIS maze.

For some organisations, the NDIS can be complex. Because we handle all the invoices and organise the payments through the NDIS, it frees both you and your NDIS participant client from a whole lot of time-consuming and tricky paperwork.

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FAQ's for service providers

Do I need to be registered with the NDIS?

No, not if your customer is using Integra as their plan manager. When an NDIS participant is using Plan Management to manage their funds, they can choose unregistered service providers.

If your customer’s funds are being managed by the NDIS, then providers are required to be registered to submit a claim.

How do I get paid?

Email your invoice to invoices@myintegra.com.au or submit it online using your ‘MyIntegra Plan’ portal account. 

What are the benefits of plan management for my clients?

We help people to manage their NDIS funds, so they can spend more time doing the things that matter to them. We take care of the time-consuming parts of managing their plan by processing invoices, claiming from the NDIA, and paying providers.

Participants can monitor and maintain control over their budget using our online portal and access information in easy to read, understandable formats.

When using a plan manager like Integra, your customers will be able to choose from both registered and unregistered providers, which provides more choice over how funds can be used.

Our friendly plan management team is here to help navigate the NDIS and is available to answer any questions they have about the NDIS.

What are the benefits for me?

When your customers use Integra as their plan manager, you can relax knowing their NDIS plans are managed by an experienced team and their invoices are processed quickly. 

You have access to our friendly plan management team to help guide you through the NDIS maze and answer your questions.

You'll also get access to your own ‘MyIntegra Plan’ online portal where you can easily track the status of your invoices.

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