05 December 2019

Let’s take a look at why Integra’s Plan Management service would be a great option for you, and how easy it is to have Plan Management included in your NDIS plan.

We have a clear focus 

Integra only provides NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination. We made a conscious decision to get these services right, rather than try and do everything. 

Our Plan Management systems are specially designed for the NDIS process and our team are handpicked as experts in financial management and customer service. For you, this means you can rely on our service and know that your NDIS bills get paid and any issues that arise are managed professionally and quickly.

We save you time and money

With Integra Plan Management you’re free to concentrate on day-to-day things that are important to you, rather than spending hours on the NDIA’s myplace portal submitting claims, record keeping at home, or managing separate bank accounts for your NDIS payments. Unlike Self-Management, where you may be out of pocket, with Plan Management you’re funded separately to receive this service.

Flexibility and choice 

Plan Management is the fastest growing option chosen by NDIS Participants to get their bills paid and manage their NDIS budgets. More people are choosing Plan Management over Self or Agency Management because it provides more flexibility and choice without the costs or hassle of the other options.

When you use a registered plan manager like Integra, you can use any provider. You’re free to choose both registered and unregistered providers to meet your needs. This is important for many Participants who are using smaller unregistered providers for therapy, cleaning, gardening or social outings as well as mainstream services that haven’t registered with NDIA.

National coverage, local knowledge

Integra Plan Management is available nationally and we work with thousands of Participants and Providers in every State and Territory. Because we are working across all NDIS regions, we have a great understanding of what is happening in your local area, and what is possible. You can benefit from our experience, and if you ever need to move, you won’t need to change Plan Management providers.

Safe and secure

Integra Plan management is safe and secure. We manage and store your information, and process your transactions securely. We have specially built systems with encryption that keeps your activities and records safe and confidential. 

If you ever need your records for double checking or audit purposes, we can provide these to you. Integra Plan Management gives you peace of mind.

We pay fast

Integra Plan Management pays providers fast. We do this because it keeps everyone happy and helps avoid issues like overspending parts of your plan. All Plan Managers are judged on how fast they pay. We are processing invoices within 1 hour of receipt and making payments to service providers within 24 hours. Unlike some of the other plan managers, we don’t wait to receive the NDIA funds before we reimburse providers.

You’re in control

You have all the same information we have and are still in control. We provide you with access to our online portal, so you can see information about your plan and how you’re tracking with your budget across each of your NDIS support categories. If you prefer paper-based statements and updates, we can organise this too.

Get the best of both worlds

If you’re currently Self-Managed, you can keep managing the parts you want, and add Plan Management for the parts you don’t want to deal with. We find many people choose a combination of Self and Plan Management, so they can pay for Therapy services or smaller amounts, while getting a Plan Manager to help with payments for the ongoing services or when there are larger amounts of funding involved - freeing them up from boring paperwork.

Longer opening hours

We are open 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday Australian Eastern Standard Time so you can contact us at a time that’s more convenient for you. We also are available by email at choiceandcontrol@myintegra.com.au, or log onto your Integra profile anytime at myintegraplan.com.au

It’s super easy to sign up

Joining Integra is easy - there’s no need to fill out complicated paperwork or repeat your story. You can join Integra in under 5 minutes by calling us on 1800 696 347 or join online at myintegra.com.au/signmeup

Once on board, we provide information to you, your nominee or your providers in the way you prefer - either using our easy online portals or we’ll send you statements and updates in the mail.

Don’t have Plan Management? Just ask.

If you’ve now realised you want to be plan managed for some or all of you plan, don’t worry! You can get Plan Management any time and don’t need a full review. 

You can request what’s call a ‘Light Touch Review’ for an administrative change that you need, such as changing over to plan management. It can be completed over the phone and should take no longer than a couple of weeks to approve if all is in order.

To request a change to your plan you can:

  • Call your LAC
  • Call the NDIS on 1800 800 110


Choose Integra as your plan manager

Now you know what you can expect from Integra, it’s time to take the next step. 

Give our friendly team a call on 1800 696 347 or visit myintegra.copm.au/signmeup to join up to Integra Plan Management today. It’s super quick, we promise!

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