05 December 2019

Integra’s goal is to be the nation’s largest leading provider of Plan Management services for the NDIS. Integra’s first NDIS Participant joined us in 2016, and since that time we have developed and grown to the point where we are servicing people right across Australia.

More and more NDIS Participants are choosing to use a Plan Manager as their Plan Management option to manage their NDIS budgets and pay providers. It’s the fastest growing option over Self or Agency Managed because it provides more flexibility and choice without the costs or hassle of the other options.

Integra’s Plan Management success is owed to a combination of factors including:

We’re smart

The Integra team is a group of NDIS and financial management experts who understand in every detail the NDIS price guide, and the needs of Participants, Support Coordinators, Local Area Coordinators and Planners, and Providers.

We’re fast

All Plan Managers are judged on how fast they pay. We are processing invoices within 1 hour of receipt and making payments to service providers within 24 hours. Unlike some plan managers, we don’t wait to receive the NDIA funds before we reimburse providers.

We make it easy

Joining Integra is easy for Participants who don’t need to fill out complicated paperwork or repeat their stories. Participants can join Integra in under 5 minutes by calling us on 1800 696 347 or join online at myintegra.com.au/signmeup. We provide information to you, your nominee or your providers in the way you prefer - either using our easy online portals or we’ll send you statements and updates in the mail.

We listen to your feedback

We are now open 9am to 7pm (AEST) to meet the busy lifestyles and demands of Participants and their nominees right across Australia. 

Based on NDIS feedback, we have developed portals which any Support Coordinator can use, where they can manage all Participant information in one place saving time in monitoring and reporting.

We have safe and secure processes

Keeping Participant information safe is a priority for Integra, and we will alert you when we see something’s not quite right. For Providers, we know you have issues with plan exhaustion so we can alert you when a NDIS line item is being billed by another provider.

Integra is an easy choice

Many NDIS Participants are choosing Integra for Plan Management and it’s easy to see why. Now you know why Integra is one of Australia’s leading providers of NDIS plan management, the next step is yours. Ask our friendly team how we can help you get the most from your NDIS plan by calling 1800 696 347 or join us today at myintegra.com.au/signmeup.

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