19 March 2020

Supporting you during the COVID-19 crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and impact the lives of people and businesses across the world, we're writing to reassure you, our valued participants and providers, that Integra has put a strategy in place to ensure our services to you continue unimpeded through this difficult time.

Like most responsible businesses in Australia, Integra is prioritising the health and safety of our employees, participants and providers by introducing some necessary restrictions, including a work from home strategy for all employees. However, while our working circumstances may change, we remain steadfast in our determination to deliver you the same high standards of service you are accustomed to.

What does this mean for our Participants?

If you’re a Participant or a Nominee, we know you’re likely to be concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on the vital services you or the person(s) you care for rely upon.

Plan Management Participants
If you are required to make changes to the providers you regularly use, require additional assistance or information, or have any questions regarding your Plan, we are here to support you. The following outlines what will and won’t change in the coming weeks:

  • There will be no interruption to Integra’s regular support services, our teams have capability to work remotely, will be contactable by phone and email, and will answer questions and provide information as normal
  • Your Providers' invoices will be paid on time, with no anticipated delays
Support Coordination Participants
If you’re seeking to implement your plan, wish to select or switch providers, or have any questions relating to your plan and/or require a plan review, we are here to support you. The following outlines what will and won’t change in the coming weeks:
  • There will be no interruption to Integra’s regular support coordination services, our team has the capability to work remotely and will be contactable by phone and email to answer your questions, offer assistance or provide information. Your support coordinator will be in contact with you with the same regularity
  • Current restrictions mean that we will NOT be able to participate in face to face meetings, visit your home, residential care facilities, workplaces, day programs or meet with providers
  • We will still be available for NDIA plan reviews, however these will now be conducted via the phone or online. We will also continue assisting you with the management of your plan

What does this mean for our Providers?

If you are a Provider, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to be a testing time for your business. In light of this Integra would like to reassure you that we foresee no disruption to payment of invoices or access to our support services.

  • Our Customer Service and Finance Operations teams have remote access capability and will be able to support you as normal
  • All invoices will be paid promptly, in line with our existing timelines

How to stay safe and protect others

Integra is acutely aware that many of the people we work with are the most vulnerable in society. To avoid the possibility of any of them coming into contact with COVID-19, we’d like to encourage all Nominees and Providers to exercise extra vigilance with hand hygiene and follow the Australian Government guidelines closely. This includes:

  • Washing your hands frequently with soap and water, particularly before and after eating, and after using the bathroom
  • Avoid touching your face without washing hands first
  • Covering coughs and sneezes (using your elbow where possible) and disposing of tissues
  • Avoid hand shakes or other physical contact when greeting people
  • Avoid unnecessary travel, in line with the Australian government’s directive on domestic and international flying
  • Self isolate as much as possible, avoiding gatherings of a hundred people or more, until further notice

Together, we'll get through this

The emergence and alarming spread of COVID-19 has been a shock to us all, but we are confident that if we all practice due diligence and follow the necessary health and hygiene guidelines, our colleagues, loved ones and those most vulnerable in society can be protected.

To learn more about COVID-19 please click on the link below:

For advice and guidance from World Health Organisation (WHO) on COVID-19 please use the below links:

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