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Support Coordination from Core Budget Extended

Are you using your Core Support Budget flexibly to fund the services of a support coordinator?

In March 2020, the NDIA introduced a range of temporary measures to make sure people could continue to access their essential disability supports during the COVID-19 pandemic. This included allowing participants use their Core budget funds flexibly to access the services of a support coordinator.

On 25 February 2021, the NDIA announced this temporary measure would end on 28 February, providing only two days notice for participants and providers to transition or make other arrangements.

On 28 February, after receiving feedback from the sector, the NDIA released another statement advising that “Support coordination line items claimable under a participant’s Core budget will continue until 31 March 2021.” And “Participants who were not utilising this support during COVID-19 should not commence utilising this support during this transition period.”

If you have separate funding for support coordination under your Capacity Building budget, this is not impacted, and you can continue to use these funds.

If you have been using the temporary flexibility in your Core budget to access support coordination and still require it beyond March 31, please get in contact with your Local Area Coordinator, ECEI partner or planner to seek a plan review or call 1800 800 110 for assistance.

You can also reach out to your support coordinator to help explain next steps.

If you’re a MyIntegra support coordination customer and have been accessing Support Coordination using your Core funding, we’ll be in touch to ensure you have arrangements in place before the end of March.

Read the NDIA announcement here:

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