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NDIS News: Independent Assessments Scrapped

You may have heard the news that the current government’s independent assessment proposal will not be going ahead.

Last Friday July 9, 2021, federal, state and territory disability ministers discussed the proposed independent assessment model of the NDIS.

In this model, a government-contracted professional would interview a person for three hours to determine the level of funding they are eligible for. The proposed independent assessments would determine the everyday functionality of a person living with a disability as a way to determine their total NDIS budget.

The proposal was heavily criticised by the disability community who were concerned their needs would not be adequately met resulting in the potential to be left severely underfunded.

The federal, state and territory leaders ultimately found that a person-centred model would work best and scrapped the Morrison government’s plan to implement independent assessments.

NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds said of the decision, “After eight years of operations, now is the time to take the lessons of the lived experience and turn those lessons into a better NDIS.” The Morrison government will continue to look at developing a new model.

What does this mean for me?

Right now, nothing. Assessments for NDIS approval and funding will be carried out in the same way they always are. You can learn about the decision and the remaining assessment process at the NDIS website.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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